Rolling Up Some Fixes To Beta…

Thank you everyone for fantastic feedback after the first week of Vision Pipeline Assistant being in public beta! Actually only five days I guess. Anyway, we’ve been working hard to clean up a lot of little bugs crawling around the system. The roll up will happen this evening. So, stay off the system, go on a date night, enjoy a movie!

Many of you gave great feedback on the inner workings and features. Thank you! Vision is built for you. So, it needs to make sense to you. And while we can’t please everyone, the constant goal is to refine the user experience so most everyone enjoys it.

I can’t really give you a list of bugs fixed because it’s long and most things are behind the scenes (over 250 bugs fixed!).

The major thing you’ll notice is a “tightening” of the user interface (UI). We pulled in the corners, cleaned up the spacing, and re-shaped the styles in many places. It still has a little work to do, but is making great progress. Remember, if there’s something you don’t like or is busted, I won’t know unless you tell me.