Basics of Vision Pipeline – Adding Contacts

I’m starting a short series on how to use Vision to build better relationships. Here’s the first step…

Adding Contacts

This is clearly the most important first step! No contacts, no nothin’.  Now, I know there are lots of slick ways to “sync” contacts from other systems. Believe me, this is our top priority right now! In a short time you’ll be able to sync with major email programs and maybe even social networking sites.  But let’s just add one…

Click the plus button in the top left corner: add contact - launch

With me so far?  Now fill in just the basics. This helps keep it fast. You can add a lot more details later if need. This is the information you’ll need to identify and find the person in Vision.

So, you’ve entered Name and Company. Next is Tags. Huh?  Like a sale tag? No like a label.  Or a category. Call it what you will. Tag is the Web 2.0 term.  And it really makes a lot of sense.  Tags are totally flexible to how you think.

add contact

Just start typing. And separate each Tag with a comma. Be specific or general. Here are a few ideas: business, prospect, golf, friend, church, married, networking, influencer.  There are no rules.  How do you think about that person?  Those keywords are your Tags!

If there are already Tags in your account, then Vision will give you a suggestion list to choose from so you don’t have to type each time. If not, each new Tag is automatically saved for later use!

Now click Add Contact and your Contact is added. Next you’ll need to schedule a followup because that’s the most important next step in building good relationships. I’ll give you some tips on followups in a couple days.