Basics of Vision Pipeline – Schedule a Followup

The next most important step is Scheduling a Followup.  This is where Vision Pipeline really shines.  Even if you add a lot of Contacts into Vision, nothing really happens until something is scheduled.

Vision Pipeline works on a simple philosophy: Every interaction should result in another scheduled interaction.

If you don’t schedule a followup immediately after completing the last then you’ll end up with a pile of dead leads and an empty bank account. It’s pretty simple in Vision, just follow these steps:

1. Find your Contact


This search box at the top right looks for the contact’s name and company.  Or you can search other fields with a little extra. Just type in these search helpers before your search term:

email: search term
phone: search term
city: search term

Etcetera! You can search just about any contact detail this way. Once you find your contact, click on the name…

2. Click Schedule Followup in the Contact Profile

followup - schedule click

A little “window” opens to enter the details…

3. Fill in the details

This is pretty self-explanatory. Be sure to take advantage of the easy entry Vision allows. Instead of typing out “3:00 pm” or “10/07/2009” you can just type “3pm” and “tom”.  Vision figures out what you’re trying to say most of the time.

followup - schedule details

4. Forget about it! The Vision Pipeline view reminds you when to followup

followup - pipeline

We are working on some neat improvements to lower clicks and speed up this entire process. Please send any feedback. It helps!