Basics of Vision Pipeline – Logging Activity

The most common “thank you” I hear from Vision Pipeline users is how they were able to recall specific facts about a prospect or client even months later.  That’s the power of a recorded history!

I admit, it does take a little work but wow is it worth it.  I’ve made calls to prospects that go something like this: “Hi Joe, last time we spoke, early January, you said your manager would be ready to make a move first of March. By the way, how was your daughter’s dance recital?”  Wow!

Wanna blow people’s minds? Do that!  It’s simple and anyone can do it.  Just jot down a quick note after each call, email, or meeting. Then Vision shows you the history when you are making your next followup.

1. Click Log Activity

This opens a simple window where you set the Date, Type, and Notes

log - click

2. Enter the notes

The biggest challenge here is detail. Most people feel compelled to write down everything. Don’t Simple, bullet lists and short sentences are enough to trigger your brain. Keep it simple and you’re more likely to do it!

log - window

3. Recall anytime!

Next time you work with the contact, the entire history is there!

log - history

We are quickly moving toward more automation of logging. We recognize that getting information INTO Vision Pipeline is the biggest barrier to regular usage.  The first automation is email. We will begin logging all your communication for each contact in Vision!  Look for this before Thanksgiving–another reason to be thankful!