Basics of Vision Pipeline – Tagging

The ultimate way to organize your contacts in Vision Pipeline!  I already talked a little about Tags in this post.  But there’s a lot more.

If you’ve used Outlook, you know Categories or Folders. With Gmail it’s Labels.  Many other Web 2.0 systems and you’ve used Tags.  Tags are basically a way to give order to your Contacts. The reason we love them so much is the flexibility.  You can use Tags to organize any way that makes sense to you.

Here’s how I recommend to organize:

1. Where/How I met them (ie. Starbucks, Networking, Referral)
2. What major business sector (ie. Finance, Media, Marketing)
3. Something unique I learned (ie. Married, Golfer, Art Lover)
4. Status or Type (ie. Hot Prospect, New Client, Product A)

Vision Pipeline comes with several standard Tags. Adding new Tags is easy as typing the words and separating each Tag with a comma. Like this: Golf Club, Financial, Married, New Prospect


You can use as many or as few Tags on each Contact. And you can add them anytime from the Contact Profile, Contact List, and the Pipeline.

In Contacts and Pipeline there’s a Tag Cloud. You can click on any Tag to quickly filter the list.  You can then Export, Schedule, or Log an Activity for that list.  It’s pretty cool!