Basics of Vision Pipeline – Pipeline Shortcuts

Hands down, the most powerful part of Vision Pipeline is, well, the Pipeline.  In fact, I love it!  And so do a lot of users. The Pipeline allows you to leave the future alone and think only in the moment.

Imagine all the stress of the massive load tomorrow, vanished, obliterated, obscured by a light gray text.  Instead, just think about right now…well, and the 2 phone calls your naughty self didn’t do yesterday like you were supposed to.

No worries! Vision Pipeline is truly your assistant when it comes to cleaning up your work load.  Here are a few shortcuts to make managing your Pipeline faster and easier.


Filters help you sift and sort to find Contacts based on there “status” within Vision. The descriptions are self-explanatory but they don’t do a lick of good unless you use things like the Star.  So, come up with a simple method of ranking contacts for your business. For example, a Star may mean a Hot Prospect. That makes it easy to quickly find all your Hot Prospects.

pipeline - filters

Tag Cloud

I love Tags!  They make life so much easier. Think of Tags like labels, categories, or divisions. But better.  Each contact can have multiple Tags. I usually Tag each contact like this:

1. Where/How I met them (ie. Starbucks, Networking, Referral)
2. What major business sector (ie. Finance, Media, Marketing)
3. Something unique I learned (ie. Married, Golfer, Art Lover)

The Tag Cloud displays all your Tags. Just click on a Tag in the Pipeline View to quickly filter your list to just those Contacts!

pipeline - tag cloud


Once you’ve filtered down and found the list you want to work with, you’ve got to DO something.  You can take action on contacts/activities in the Pipeline individually or as a group.  Look at the right side of the Pipeline for the action buttons and checkbox.


Ever get behind?  I do! Problem with most CRM tools is when you get behind, it’s too much work to catch up. So you don’t. Then you never use the system again!  Not with Vision. Multi-Bump is one of the most handy tools.  Just select a group of Contacts, click Bump Dates in the Action Menu then choose the day. All your past due work will be moved to a future day so you can breath a little easier.

pipeline - bump window


Sometimes you need to take your Contacts somewhere else. Maybe you’re running an email marketing campaign, mailing a postcard, or just want to backup your information.  Export helps you do all of the above in just a couple clicks.  Once again, build your list using Tags and Filters.  Next click Export Current List on the left menu.  Then choose your Export Type.  Your Contacts will be downloaded to your computer as a .CSV file which can be opened in any spreadsheet program.

pipeline - export

Some of these screenshots will be changing since we are working behind the scenes to update the user experience to be smoother and more enjoyable.  Keep an eye out!