I got spanked this week

Okay…so I got called out this week. By three different people. So, I must respond. I was asked, “Is Vision Pipeline still supported? Your last blog entry was over a year ago.” Doh!

Truth is, yes. Very much so. If you’ve submitted a feedback or sent an email, you know that we are pretty quick to respond. And we occasionally fix glaring bugs. However, NEW development has slowed a bit as I will explain. This also may present and opportunity for you or someone you know.

First, a little status update. Vision Pipeline IS going strong in many aspects. We have nearly 1000 users (more every day) and very few complaints!  Not for lack of active users, because a good percentage of people log on regularly. My guess is that Vision is easy enough to use, there’s nothing to whine about. That was my goal, since I use it regularly too!

We’ve been in beta for over a year. That means you get a good tool for free, so that’s nice.  And keep in perspective, Gmail was beta for over five years…  Plus, we have a killer roadmap to make Vision more integrated with your daily activities so it’s more useful and proactively helpful.  See some here: http://www.visionpipeline.com/topsecret (some are already implemented!)

So, where are these amazing features? Well, we are a bootstrapping startup, probably like you. In fact, we had to steal other people’s bootstraps. That in mind, our development team fragmented a bit because, well, they LOVE Vision Pipeline, but they got a little hungry. And starvation, while motivating, can be distracting.

So, here we are…a bit of revenue from some private label clients, but not enough to hire a team for future development. So, there is NO CONCERN that Vision will vanish into thin air, leaving you stranded on the interweb without your contacts.  That will NEVER happen.  It’s much to important for that. And…I love the tool. And one day would like to turn a profit.

With that…here’s a potential opportunity
There are two roles I’m looking to fill with the right person(s). Maybe you think you are that person, or perhaps know that person. Either way, these are not salaried positions (unless you live on bootstraps). Rather, they are equity based.  Which basically means you work for the promise of what could be (ie. free).  With a 23 million person potential marketplace and a small handful of comparable competitors, I think the promise is sweet. Otherwise, I’d be doing something else. Here they are:

1) Chief nerd Actually, I’m that. But I need a sidekick. Someone who thrives on late nights coding web applications in PHP, AJAX, CSS, HTML, and jQuery. You should be MOST skilled at backend stuff, but decent at front end. If you don’t have dark circles under your eyes you don’t qualify. We’ve got some amazing ideas that will truly revolutionize the way people work.  This person will help make this ‘vision’ a reality.  The work is fairly independent but I’m also looking for real commitment, not just a hobbyist.

2) Brand Ambassador Ooo…I love that title. This role is well-suited for a small marketing firm or individual who wants to build a more long-term income (through equity). Basically, this is getting the word out. Could be through web marketing, social media, banging on doors, industry relationship building, code-calling, making offers they can’t refuse, whatever. There’s also an element of business strategy and development. We’ve already got a good plan in place, just need a creative executer.

There are more details to both of these roles…so contact me if you’re interested. I’m picky and serious, so I won’t pick just the first yahoo off the streets.  This is my baby. And I take it very seriously. With these two key partner roles filled, we can take this product to a whole new level.

There’s your recent blog post.