BOOM BABY! Vision Pipeline Assistant Launches into the Public Betasphere 

Today I speak words imagined for just over a year now…

Vision Pipeline Assistant is available for the general public!

Okay, maybe the words themselves aren’t that exciting. Heck, this isn’t the moon landing. But the context of the words is thrilling!  And not just for me.  Here’s a video I made to announce it…

Sure my team and I have been working for over a year to design, develop, and test this new-generation of  CRM called “Simple”.  The Contact Relationship Management (CRM) industry is huge and growing.  But the majority of players focus on big business. The systems are robust, complicated and expensive. People like you and me–the independents–are left in the dust.

But we need tools like this. The goal is to help you build better relationships so you can make more money, have more free time, and have a lot of fun. Healthy relationships drive everything good in life. And building those relationships take time, focus, and energy. Three things that many of us are in short supply.

My continuing goal with Vision is to minimize data entry. I know that you won’t use any system that is painful or time-consuming. I can’t promise you that it’s magic…yet. You WILL have to put in a little effort. But Vision also helps you remember things like calling back that prospect you met a few weeks ago, or following up on that networking contact, or just sending your momma a birthday card.

The system is free for now. It’s in “Beta” which means there are a few bugs.  It has been thoroughly tested though to make sure that your data is safe. So, even though something funny might happen on the screen, you won’t lose anything important.

This is process and I’m glad you are on the journey with me. Tools like this ONLY GET BETTER through feedback and collaboration. You have made a commitment to yourself to be better at followup and sales. You’ve made the commitment to be more organized. You know you need tools to help. Rather than keep looking for “the ultimate tool” help me make this into it.

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