The launch went great yesterday. People were scrambling to get into Vision to try out this new tool.  I hope people are liking it!

I’ve received some great feedback so far. And some people have made great recommendations for upgrades and new features.

As I mentioned in the launch video, software isn’t exciting. I don’t expect you to dance in your office after signing up for Vision. BUT I do expect some dancing when you close that new client because you remembered to follow up!  Seems simple but that’s the failure of most people.

My little brother is starting his sales career. He’s only 14 and doing better than many adults I know-he’s going to be a rock-star! He told me about his method for tracking his leads, “I put them in several notebooks and Post-Its.”  Nice dude. Recipe for disaster.  He knows it’s a bad move but didn’t have another choice, until now.

Vision is built for guys like him.  It’s simple, fast, and helps you do the most important things: organize your contacts, schedule followups, and get reminders. I think it does those three things pretty dang well!