Vision Pipeline updates! Making it better and better and better 

I love new stuff.  New is exciting.  In fact, I gotta be honest. Sometimes I get dissatisfied with something as soon as I get it. A few exceptions: my motorcycle, Pinkberry, and Carolina.

That’s why Vision is always changing.  We are constantly talking about the next big thing.  Don’t get me wrong.  Vision Pipeline Assistant ROCKS as it is.  But we want to dominate the market with a tool that’s so helpful that you can’t put it down.

So, this weekend while you were fast asleep, the elf geeks were stuffing Vision with a bunch of new updates and fixes. No major features were added in this update but there were some fixes based on user feedback.  So thanks!

Here’s a partial list:

  • Better action icons (Bump, Edit, and others) – I hope you like them
  • Updated main navigation – Note the new + button for adding contacts
  • Fixed window scrollbars – I know this was majorly annoying
  • Some layout issues in the Contact Profile – Subtle, but useful
  • A bunch of little bugs behind the scenes – Helps with stability and performance

We tell you?  Because it’s exciting!  I want you to know that we are constantly pursuing excellence with this tool and will continue to listen to YOU to make this a great tool that helps you make more money, save time, and have more fun!

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